Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

So, I played (and loved) the shit out of Borderlands 2.  I loved the level design, the character design, the loot, the writer (hilarious as hell, Tiny Tina was my absolute fav!), the class structure, the game play.  The only co-op game that even comes close to this game in my mind is Diablo III.  In fact, I think Borderlands 2 has ruined me.

Jason and I just played Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.  It was meh.  Too hard right out of the gate.  There is something to be said about coming out of the gate feeling like a bad ass. Jason and I aren't amazing gamers, but we're good (he's way better than me), but damn if we didn't get our asses handed to us with EVERY SINGLE BOSS fight. I had more trips to the morgue and money charges to rez then I spent on buying stuff.  WTF?  Not cool when you're just starting off and don't have any good gear yet.  It really impacted the ability to have fun.  I don't want the game to be too easy, but too hard isn't fun either.

We haven't played a second night. Usually when a co-op game comes we're on that shit. We love to play together.  But this time, I'm not sure what it is.  The new studio developing this one just doesn't have the special sauce Gearbox had when they made Borderlands 2.  It's still the holy grail of date-night gaming in my house. lol

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