Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Armadillo Clay

Today at lunch I stopped out at Armadillo Clay to pick up clay for my pottery class.  This was my first visit and it was a positive one.  The employees were very friendly, knowledgeable and super helpful which was very appreciated since I'm still new to clay.  I picked up some tools and a couple blocks of clay.  Since I mentioned the possibility of doing Raku, they informed me that the clay on my class list was not appropriate for the thermal shock resistance required for Raku.  So I purchased both the Dillo White from my class supply list and Raku clay just in case.  

They have a huge selection of fusing glass, slumping forms, glass cutting equipment, glazes, molds, clay and clay components, kilns, wheels, extruders, hand tools, and other tools and supplies.  In addition to my purchases, I also checked out their pottery wheels, but their prices are considerably higher than clay-king and although I like to buy local, a $350 price difference is too much of a difference so my wish list remains unchanged.  

I'll definitely come back to Armadillo.

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