Saturday, August 10, 2013

M&P Shield 9mm? Check! This Texas girl is HAPPY!!

I've been looking for a nice single-stack 9mm handgun for conceal carry for a few years now.  I love my Walther PPQ 9mm, especially the striker fire trigger, but it isn't a candidate for conceal carry for a couple reasons. First it's just too big to fit in my waistband or a bra holster comfortably without showing. I'm on the smaller side. Second, like most striker-fire handguns, it doesn't have an external safety. I know. I know. The trigger IS the safety, but the trigger on my PPQ is so damned sensitive that it feels like a hair trigger and if I caught it on the edge of the holster while re-holstering, well, that'd be plain dangerous. And I'm all about safety so that just isn't an option in my book.

So I started looking for a single-stack compact 9mm striker-fire handgun with an external safety.  Not much on the market in that regard I must say.  When I found information on the M&P Shield and read the reviews on it, I was stoked!  My problems were solved!! This was THE handgun.

That was until I went to my local gun shop and found out how rare it is to find this gun for sale.  I have been on a waiting list for almost 2 years now at that gun shop.  They still haven't called me.

However, last month, on a whim, I emailed a few other gun shops in Austin looking for this piece and this awesome lady, Clara, at was extremely helpful. I ended up stopping out there one day soon after, and they didn't have one in stock, but I gave them my contact info.  I don't think it was even 3 days later that they called me with news that they had one and I could come pick it up.

After how long I'd been waiting, you can imagine, the first thing the next morning, I was out there putting down my cash. Woot! She's a beauty. I'll get pics posted as soon as I get my Crimson Trace installed on her.  Now I just have to schedule my CHP class ...  and find some 9mm ammo for sale. LOL

Thanks to Heritage Firearms for their excellent customer service!  I highly recommend them. And they even offered to help me sell my Ruger LC9. Woot!   I'm one happy Texan.

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  1. I recently made an online purchase that required a local gun shop with an FFL so I used Heritage. Via a tracking number, I knew the shipment arrived at Heritage before noon on Thursday, yet did not get a call (ever) from them informing me of its arrival. I stopped in on Tuesday to pick it up, they had to look around to find the boxes. I also asked to get my LC9 back since they had never sold it. They looked for the gun, didn't find it, so they wrote me a check. While they did apologize for never informing me that they sold it, I still am not very happy with how they handled either of these events. I don't know if I'll be using them in the future as a result.