Friday, March 2, 2012

A Creative Writing Exercise

My teacher got this exercise out of a book, but I didn't catch the name of it.

In 20 minutes, write a story with 26 sentences, each sentence starting with a consecutive letter of the alphabet.  Include one sentence fragment and 1 sentence that is 100 words long and grammatically sound.

After Nira looked into the water, she realized her mistake.
Being a mermaid on land, she wanted so badly to dive back in immediately.
Coming to the water's edge had been such a strong desire though and she thought she could handle it.
Disciplined as she was, she realized it was too much in her nature to be submerged, fluid surrounding her, tailfin unfurled in all its luxuriant glory, spreading wide to catch the water and push it away strongly with her lower body and feel herself propelled through the liquid like a gust of wind let loose in a stagnant room, knowing that she could go on forever, the wide expanse endless and full of possibilities, and she shouldn't have put herself in such a difficult situation as she was now, standing near the water's edge, tailfin itching to be let loose.**
Enough had already gone wrong and she needed to keep her mind on task.
Focusing hard, she turned her back and stepped away from the water, each step taking great effort.
Getting about ten feet away, she started to feel the pull toward the water to loosen its grip within her.
Happy with herself for certain.*
I don’t want to go home just yet” she said to herself.
Just as she really started to relax she heard a splash behind her.
Keeping her heart from leaping from her chest took such effort as she turned to see Darius airborne, coiling his magnificent tailfin, legs magically separating, and him landing solidly on the ground just a few feet from her.
Looking at him in shock, Nira was still.
Maybe he wasn’t here for her, she thought, and closed her eyes and said a little prayer.
Nira, what the heck are you doing on land?” Darius asked, hands on hips.
Opening her eyes, she swallowed hard. 
Please don’t take me back just yet, my father doesn’t understand why I need to do this Darius,” she pleaded.
Questioning her father was never a good idea. 
Really, Nira, what could possibly be so important to take such a serious risk?” he asked.
She looked at him then with a quiver in her lip, and said “Love?” with more question than certainty.
True love is waiting for you, Nira, but you aren’t going to find it on land” Darius retorted.
Uncertain where he was going with that statement, Nira gave him a hard look.
Valiant as ever, Darius has come to save the day and do my father’s bidding”, she exclaimed bitterly.
Wouldn’t her father be pleased with Darius returning with her in tow, she thought.
Xanadu just wouldn’t be the same without you, Nira. Please come home...Your father didn’t send me”, Darius said softly with a furrowed brow and outstretched hand. 
You came on your own? But Why?” she stammered.
Zillions of thing rushed through her mind at light speed, the pieces of a puzzle all falling into place and she realized that Darius loved her and she him, her true love had been right there all along, not somewhere out here on land, and she placed her trembling hand in his, as Darius stepped forward and kissed her.

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