Sunday, September 25, 2011


They said you wouldn’t live
You always proved them wrong
Whenever we thought it over
You’d rally, true and strong

The burden of a body
As broken as was yours
Was one that never broke your will
You always stayed your course

You battled so courageously
Through all your illness gave
You gave your all to live and love
So young and yet so brave

You touched so many lives
As you soldiered on each day
You taught us all a thing or two
So many lessons along the way

And through it all you managed
To always smile and have fun
Which often meant a trick or two
You sure knew how to make us run!

With a twinkle in your eye
And a mischievous little smile
You’d create a bit of mayhem
Your gears turning all the while

The passion with which you lived
The love you shared along the way
The strength you had to fight
And the will you had to stay

You lived your life on your own terms
You always gave your best
And when you felt your life complete
You decided it time to rest

No doctor told you it was your time
You chose the day and hour
As with your many miracles
With only God you shared that power

As we grieve the young man we’ve lost
We also celebrate that you’re free
From all the trials your life here had
Peace, love, and joy for eternity

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