Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sewing 101

I've had a sewing machine for about 20 years and a serger for about 18 years. They've not been touched for any significant project in over 15 years. I'd always hoped to get back into it again. Having seen a Beginning Sewing class offered at a local sewing shop, Sew Much More, I signed up.

I had a great time in this class, the teacher was excellent, my class mates were fun, the projects simple and the results better than I expected. The only uncomfortable part was when the shop representative came in to demonstrate the sewing machine and tried to sell us all one. Bad form. I did have a problem with my serger, and when I mentioned this, she tried to sell me a $1300 replacement. I later took mine into their shop after they reluctantly told me that they serviced older machines. They fixed the timing on my serger and cleaned it for $80. Okay, enough said.

So we made a pillow case first. Then we made drawstring and elastic waist pajama bottom. I made one pair in class (4 weeks long) and simultaneously made 6 more pair at home. I wear them around the house after work and LOVE them. Fun fabrics...batiques, chili-pepper print, flannel-backed satin, kimono fun!

This same instructor will teach a different pattern in May that will be a skirt with a zipper, so I'll probably take that when it comes up. She also teaches a Beginner's Quilting class, but it was full already so I found quilt shop, The Quilt Store, just down the road that offered classes there. Stay tuned for Quilting 101!

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