Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shaping and Fundamentals - Lampwork Bead Making

Taking a Shaping and Fundamentals lampwork class, again at Blue Moon Glassworks, taught by Lisa, basically the intermediate glass bead making class. Lots of fun using the bigger "real" torch instead of the hothead torch with the fatboy MAPP tank. Things heat up much faster.

First night of class we learned about gravity and how to shape beads without tools. I made a nice big bead that I'm hoping to use as a ceiling fan pull someday.

Second night we learned how to make cylinder, barrel and bicone beads. I learned that I have to stop futzing with it. I had a great bicone, but I thought I could do better and ended up never getting it close to what I had originally. Argh! Lisa warned us this would happen!

Third night we learned how the four different techniques for laying stringer. She made it look much easier than I found it to be.

Forth night we learned how to encase and how to make twisted stringer.

Unfortunately I lost the bag that contained all my beads for this class. If I ever find the baggy, I'll snap some photos and post them.

Learning alot and learning that I'm not a fast learning in lampwork. It's going to take me some time to get good at this. I am a bit nervous about setting out a work space in the house for this...my craft room is carpeted. Not cool. Really need to get the flooring redone in the house!! I'd like to tile the floor in that room. Hmmm.

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