Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Knotical Knotting

This is a class taught at Nomadic Notion. I had a great time in this class. The technique takes quite a bit more time than other projects I've done and it's awkward because you're trying to string beads and tie knots in your silk cords while it's clamped to a clipboard no less. With all the silk cords and them all being so long it's tricky not getting them all knotted up on the ends but with a little care, it is manageable. I absolutely love the end result. One thing I wish I'd realized in this first attempt was that it would have been wise to stagger the two clamp shells to which all the silk cord ends are affixed (2 per end). Because I didn't I had a challenge in finding end cones that were long enough and wide enough to house the two side-by-side clamshells and still cover the cords from the end knots to the first sets of beads. These cones are amazing though, although I can't believe they cost me over $30 for the pair. But gold vermeil isn't cheap these days, not that I needed/wanted vermeil, but I needed a large gold-toned pair of cones and this was literally all I could find. Again, it was worth it for such a lovely piece.

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