Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009 - The Year Of Happiness - Accomplishments

I dubbed this year: 2009 - The Year of Happiness. The goal was to look for ways to be happy in all aspects of my life but no specific goals per say. Once I set the theme for the year, I just paid attention to what drained my happiness and what added happiness to my life.

As a result, the changes I've made this year are:
1) ToDo dates on my Toodledo tasks were always past due and RED. It made me feel bad. So: I removed the due dates on Toodledo tasks. I still get things done just as efficiently too and I don't avoid looking at my list anymore since there's no red to make me feel bad.

2) When I came home to piles of laundry, a sink full of dishes, dog hair dust bunnies on the floor, and messes on the counters, I was in a fowl mood instantly. So: I hired a housekeeper. When I come home Friday night, the house is CLEAN and my mood instantly lightens.

3) My house in Wisconsin was a huge financial burden with a lot of bad memories of my old (unhappy) life. So: I lowered the price until it finally sold. I lost money on the deal and even had to take out a loan to close on the sale, but I'm FREE and I feel much better.

4) I felt guilty spending time on stuff that I found "fun" like taking art classes and making jewelry. So: I started my own business to make jewelry and organizers so that the time I spend having "fun" is a productive investment in my business.

5) I always felt bad about not finishing my degree. So: I enrolled this semester in the last 2 classes needed to complete my undergrad degree. I'm not thrilled about having that heavy of a school workload this fall, but I will graduate in 2009, what a great way to end 2009 - The Year of Happiness!

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