Sunday, May 24, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Early in my beading experience, I met Leo at Legendary Beads. He is an excellent teacher and in a matter of minutes had taught me how to bead wrap. Of course, I didn't go home and practice and by the time I got around to trying it on my own, I'd forgotten everything he'd taught me. So I stumbled through the first portion of my bead wrapping project until I could get myself enrolled in a bead wrapping class. I took this class at another local store, Nomadic Notions and it was taught my another exceptional teacher, Mick. I went home that very night and started back where I'd left off on my project. The Before and After difference is extreme. My partner said that the new stuff looks like it was done by a machine. How excellent of a compliment! I'm still working on this one. I want it to wrap at least 5 times...maybe more! The lessons learned here was not to give up, to take a class before I develop bad habits, and that I have to practice after each class/technique learned so I don't forget what I learned.

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