Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things I Want to Learn or Do (In no particular order)

Learn to Speak Spanish
Learn to Speak Japanese

Travel Europe (Ireland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Germany...)
Visit New York during Christmas
Visit New Zealand and Australia

Learn Hashi Flow Yoga
Learn short form Tai Chi

DONE Learn Silver-Smithing
DONE Learn Rug Weaving
NOT DOING Learn Glass Blowing (as opposed to lamp work)
DONE Learn Basket Weaving
DONE Learn metal weaving (jewelry)
Learn how to tear down and rebuild my own handgun
NEED A CAMERA Take a photography class
Learn how to make pottery on wheel
NOT DOING Learn how to do wood-inlay
NOT DOING Learn how to rebuild an engine from the block up

DONE (Extensions not a cut, but I like it!) Get a haircut that I actually like

Read classic literature

Learn to "really" play the piano (not just self-taught)
Learn to play a Congo drum (well bought a djembe, that's a start!)

Take a sketch/drawing class
Learn Z Brush/3D modeling

NOT DOING Brush up on C++ and specifics for game programming
NOT DOING Learn how to write apps (Cocoa) for the iPhone (need a Mac first)
NOT DOING Get MCTS - SQL Server 2005 Certification (Exam 70-431)
NOT DOING Get MCITP - Database Administrator Certification (Exams: 70-443 & 70-444)
NOT DOING Get MCT Certification

I'm sure this list will evolve over time.

Updated in December 2011.  Looks like some have completed and some of dropped off, the rest are still on my bucket list.


  1. I'd say it's all good but you can scrap-off all that MCT rubbish. Ain't worth the bother!

  2. Too funny. An MCT I know just swore MCT is the avenue I need to be taking professionally! Personally, I'd be happiest working at SOE with my boyfriend (as a game programmer not an artist). 3 classes to finish for my undergrad and I may just pursue that dream instead of the MCT!!!

  3. MCT is a plus as a lot of other things but it doesn't really mean anything to anyone (unless they are MCTs and in that case they should know in most cases it's not worth the bother). I'd focus on the real thing (and it is indeed what I am doing or trying to do).

    As I said It's a plus - so if you have it won't hurt, but its probably a nice to have more than a must-have. Luckily out there you don't need an MCTs to prove you have the skills - otherwise no one would have a job!