Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's still working! (aka Tracy can touch her toes now!)

My new context driven personal pattern re-engineering effort is still working to some extent. I'm still doing the morning stretches and crunches, and some of the commute activities I've been trying to incorporate into my routine. I'm starting to feel better, have less back pain, and seem to have more desire to do more physical activity. I can even touch my toes again after only 3 weeks of my new morning routine, something I've not been able to do for more time than I care to divulge. I really love the reward of checking the stretches and crunches off my Toodledo list each day. What a treat!

While at WineStyles with friends from work, I met a gal in her early 50s this week that has raced in multiple triathlons, biathlons, and marathons. She was very passionate about running. It was infectious. The seed of desire was planted within me to start running again. In light of the past few weeks, and the changes moving in this direction of physical fitness, I'm wondering.... serendipity?


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  2. It's too bad gtdagenda isn't an iPhone app. I use Toodledo's iPhone app (which also has the productivity features of GTDagenda and also interfaces with Jott and Google Calendar). I am awaiting Google Tasks stabilization however, as it may be cause to jump to a new app...but it must have contexts. I haven't read David Allen's books yet, but they have been recommended to me in several occasions. I will add them to my Amazon wish list! Thanks!!