Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Student

I enrolled in my 3rd to last course toward my undergraduate degree last week. World History. The classes that remain are ones I've been avoiding because they aren't my favorites: Economics, Natural Science, and World History. I'm a Math and English person, not a history and science person. Strange mix maybe but I've met a lot of people like me and they're all fairly creative and artistic individuals. Odd. I wonder what that means. I am fascinated by the relationships to be found in seemingly unrelated things like this. Food for thought.

Back to the subject of school. In just one week, I can already tell you that I had forgotten how much I enjoy learning. I absolutely love learning. There is nothing boring about learning. I would categorize myself as one that really dislikes history and yet I find myself spending literally hours researching home work assignments online, learning about historical movements and philosophies and I'm really engaged in it. Who would have guessed? Certainly not I. The really cool thing is that I'm finding that I'm able to pull concepts and material I learned from prior courses (like Humanities, Literature, and Death & Dying) into my learning in this course. It's a really cool thing to see the pieces of a puzzle fitting together nicely in terms of lessons learned. I really love learning. I am happy today. I think it's because I am learning and because my instructor has let me know that I'm meeting expectations. Today is a good day.

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