Thursday, January 15, 2009

Elderly Gamers

I just saw this article about the change in demographics of gamers and I had to laugh. My mom is one of those granny gamers. She had some health issues that had her unable to get out a lot, so I put together a gaming computer, bought her a copy of EverQuest2 and away she went. It wasn't long before she had surpassed me in levels and experience. She's pretty hardcore as a matter of fact. When she went in for hip replacement surgery, she was transferred from the hospital to the rehabilitation center afterward, and one of her first questions upon admission was if the center had high-speed internet and wifi she could bring in a wifi gaming laptop and play EQ2 in bed while she recuperated. You should have SEEN the look of shock and confusion on the admission nurse's face. It was truly a classic moment. I hope to be as hip in my elderly years!

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