Monday, December 29, 2008

The Poet

One thing I've loved to do since grade school is creative writing. This includes both pros and poetry. Here are a few of my favorite poems (really just what I had copied on my thumb drive), all written quite some time ago:

"Like I Am"

Like the settling of an old house

My soul creaks under the weight of its burden

Like the life of a river stone

I have weathered into beauty

Like the tree that drops its leaves for winter

I need no buffer from the cold

Like the delicate tulip bulb survives frozen earth

I am stronger than I might appear

Like the brook babbles anew in the spring thaw

My heart gives way to new beginnings

Like the eagle afloat on thermal winds

My spirit soars in the warmth of love

Like the yin and yang

I am the saved and the sinner

Like the parched branch thirsts for the monsoon

I crave that which delivers relief and pain

Like the orchid dependent on fragile conditions

My sustenance is not guaranteed

Like the heart can break and yet still beat…still love

I endure

written by Tracy Talbot, 2003

"My Glimpse"

I am saddened that it cannot be

Holding yourself back

Such an empty success in that control

If love could be yours for the taking

If you allowed yourself

Eruption of satisfaction without reigns

Scary thought for one like you

Never one to lose control

Or look to fill your own cup

I would pour myself on to you

Filling that cup a lifetime over

Without effort or want

If only you accept it freely

Alas, freedom is not ours

To be who we would be

To love as we would love

To experience such an embrace

So instead we stand,

My searching look lands on your avoiding glance

And sees the beauty that will not be, but is.

written by Tracy Talbot, 2002

"With Love"

So different than it's ever been

Strength replaced with softness

Certainty with searching

Bravado with sensitivity

What it is you thought you knew

No longer answers questions on your mind

Crisp lines are now shadows

As the fog sets in, you strain for vision

To see it clearly as a whole

Your conclusions are foreign

The emphasis a new hue

But for the first time you feel you've got it right

The simplicity appears deceptive

But you trust it more than life itself

It cannot lie to you like others have

And so you slowly loose your grip

Slipping comfortably without regret

Knowing now what was elusive a lifetime

Will carry you lovingly through eternity

written by Tracy Talbot, 2004

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