Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meet Ruby

This is Ruby (snuggled up with her "dad"). She's a Beagle. We adopted Ruby a couple years ago from a kill shelter in Wisconsin a few hours drive from where we lived. We found her sad story on She was found out in the woods by a hunter with her two little nursing puppies in freezing 10 degree weather. She wasn't even a year old, so she had to have gotten pregnant in her first heat. She was so skinny that her ribs were showing and her pups were nearly as big as she was. When we drove out to see her, everyone at the shelter raved about how sweet she was, even the visiting canine unit sheriff. When we adopted her, there were actual tears shed at the shelter. Ruby wasn't eating and she slept way too much. The vet found she had a severe case of Lyme disease. She was much spunkier and hungrier after treatment. She isn't a typical Beagle though. She isn't the baying, digging, running nut. She is very calm and likes to layout in the sun and sleep, cuddle up with family, go for walks, eat chicken jerky treats, and listen for us to say words she knows. She doesn't like cold weather, rain, wet grass, or being put in a dog crate. She's a bit of a priss, and won't go outside when it's yucky out. At least in Austin there is less of that. But when there is bad weather, Ruby becomes our indoor potty ninja. Puddles are only found hours later when they are cold and well saturated. Thus the crate.

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