Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meet Bosley

This is Bosley. We adopted him from a Cocker Rescue organization in Wisconsin several months after adopting Ruby. He was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill (via and he's got some serious psychological scars. Bosley was pretty much a train wreck when we first adopted him. He was afraid of everything, including ceiling fans, doors, TVs, tile floors, dog dishes, anything with a cord, and knives, yes, he'd run away from us when we had a knife in our hand. Sad, huh? If you moved furniture, or placed something new, like a delivery box, in a room, he'd be so afraid that he'd run into the bathroom and hide behind the toilet. Seriously! We lovingly call him our cowardly lion...he sort of looks like a lion with all his buff colored fur. Jason says he's too pretty to be a boy...the Farrah Fawcett of dogs. Bos loves Ruby and actually protected her from one of the big shepherds we met at Camp Wolfgang where we adopted Abby. Since Abby moved in, Bosley has become much more assertive. He even growls and charges the Roomba. It's pretty funny. Bosley loves his "mom" (me), walks, rawhides (he chews them all night long), and is a really good eater. He doesn't like loud noises, the Roomba, or anything changed in his environment. He is a little furnace and loved the cold weather of Wisconsin, but was having some issues with Austin heat, so we keep his hair short now. He's very thankful, but freaked a bit the first time he felt rain on his back without all that hair. He is very much a nocturnal creature and drives me a bit nuts with the number of times he wants to go outside while I'm sleeping. But I love him dearly in spite of his quirks.

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