Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meet Abby

This is Abby. We adopted Abby a couple months ago from Camp Wolfgang, which is a couple hours drive from where we live. While we were looking at a bunch of other dogs, Abby followed Jason around from inside her kennel, staring at him intently and kissing his hand when he was close enough. We didn't find a dog that first visit, but our second visit we asked to see Abby specifically and we didn't even need to look at another dog. We took her home that day. She'd apparently never been an indoor dog, as she was confused when we let her in the house. It took some convincing for her to get up on the bed or the couch. But now the loveseat is her favorite place to lounge, and she takes up the whole thing as big as she is. She was super skinny when we got her and her hair was coming out in clumps. She's been recently treated for heartworm and that's tough on a dog. She's gained nearly 10 pounds now and you can no longer see her ribs. Her coats looks nice, full and shiny now. She's very sweet and calm. She gets along very well with Ruby, and sometimes we think she is treating Ruby like she's her puppy. Ruby is afraid to play with Abby but who can blame the little girl...she doesn't want to become one of Abby's squeaky toys! Abby and Bosley are still struggling with one another for the alpha position. They still growl at one another at times (usually resource related) and won't let the other be ahead of them on walks, but for the most part we're one big happy family. Abby is definitely smitten with her "dad" and you'll always find her in the same room as him when he's home. She's starting to warm up to me now though too. She likes sleeping on the couch, visiting "dad" while he's taking a dump (captive audience?), and going for walks (she's 100% on alert and on guard). She doesn't really have anything she dislikes, except being locked in the guest bath. She tried to dig herself out of the room the last time we left her in there (highlights of that repair will be a future entry). She isn't completely house trained, but she doesn't have any accidents when we're at home. She really tries to please us and she's a smart girl. I'm hoping to start running with her soon. I'll definitely feel safe with her at night by myself. We've been talking about getting a doggy door so we don't have to get up at night to let them out. Jason asked, "If we got a doggy door big enough for Abby, what would prevent a person from coming into the house through it?" I said, "Abby." He said, "Good point."

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